Celebrating 100 Years of the Greatest Race on Earth: Le Mans Centenary Auction
Celebrating 100 Years of the Greatest Race on Earth: Le Mans Centenary Auction
Join us in celebrating 100 years of the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans race with a special auction event. RM Sotheby's, in partnership with Le Mans and the ACO, presents the Le Mans Centenary Auction featuring 24 sports racing cars with a significant race history. Experience the excitement of this milestone event as we pay tribute to the greatest race on earth with a weekend full of celebratory activities.

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RM Sotheby's, a renowned auction house, has exciting news for motorsport enthusiasts and collectors alike. In a special partnership with Le Mans and the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO), they have announced plans to host an extraordinary Le Mans Centenary auction during the highly anticipated iconic race in June 2023. This unique event aims to be the largest sale of sports competition cars ever offered, showcasing the rich history and heritage of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the most prestigious sports car motor race in the world.

The Le Mans Centenary auction will feature a remarkable collection of 24 sports racing cars, each boasting a significant race history at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. These vehicles have left an indelible mark on the history of motorsports, representing the pinnacle of endurance racing. From legendary prototypes to iconic GT cars, the auction lineup will encompass a wide range of historic racing machines that have graced the renowned Circuit de la Sarthe.

As part of the race weekend, the auction serves as a fitting tribute to the "greatest race on earth" and its enduring legacy. Organizers are dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for attendees, ensuring that the 100th anniversary of the Le Mans race goes down in history as the most memorable edition to date. In addition to the exhilarating auction, a series of celebratory activities and events will be held, further immersing participants in the rich heritage and excitement of Le Mans.

Motorsport enthusiasts and collectors can anticipate a truly remarkable showcase of automotive history and racing excellence. The Le Mans Centenary auction at RM Sotheby's promises to be a must-attend event, where enthusiasts and collectors can witness and bid on some of the most iconic and historically significant sports competition cars ever to grace the Le Mans circuit.

This extraordinary partnership between RM Sotheby's, Le Mans, and the ACO signifies the shared commitment to preserving and celebrating the heritage of motorsports. It offers a unique opportunity for passionate collectors to own a piece of racing history, while also honoring the remarkable achievements and legacy of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. With a century of racing excellence behind it, the Le Mans Centenary auction is set to captivate the imagination of automotive enthusiasts and collectors from around the world.


About RM Sotheby's

RM Sotheby's is a prestigious auction house specializing in the sale of classic and collector cars. With a rich history dating back to 1991, RM Sotheby's has established itself as a global leader in the auction industry, renowned for its expertise, professionalism, and exceptional service.

The company's auctions attract enthusiasts, collectors, and investors from around the world, offering a curated selection of rare and iconic automobiles. RM Sotheby's auctions feature a diverse range of vehicles, including vintage classics, modern supercars, race cars, and historic automobiles with significant provenance.

One of the notable aspects of RM Sotheby's auctions is the emphasis on quality and authenticity. Each vehicle undergoes a thorough inspection and evaluation by a team of experts to ensure its condition, originality, and historical significance. This attention to detail has earned RM Sotheby's a reputation for offering some of the finest and most sought-after automobiles in the market.

Beyond classic car auctions, RM Sotheby's also organizes specialized sales dedicated to other categories, such as vintage motorcycles, memorabilia, and luxury lifestyle items. These events provide collectors and enthusiasts with a comprehensive platform to acquire unique and valuable pieces.

In addition to its auction services, RM Sotheby's offers a range of client advisory services, including private sales, appraisals, and collection management. The company's team of specialists and experts provide personalized guidance and support to clients, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience in buying or selling their prized vehicles.

RM Sotheby's commitment to excellence, combined with its extensive network of collectors and industry professionals, has solidified its position as a trusted authority in the world of classic and collector car auctions. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a passionate enthusiast, RM Sotheby's offers a gateway to the extraordinary world of automotive history, heritage, and luxury.


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