Chris Harris on Cars You Tube Channel
Chris Harris on Cars You Tube Channel
Chris Harris is a highly regarded automotive journalist and host of a popular YouTube channel dedicated to new car reviews and test drives. With over a decade of professional experience in the car industry, Chris Harris brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his captivating videos.

His YouTube channel showcases his adventures behind the wheel as he takes cars for thrilling drives on racetracks, public roads, and various other locations. What sets Chris Harris apart is his ability to provide engaging monologues while driving, offering viewers a firsthand perspective of the driving experience.

Chris Harris has a unique talent for explaining his actions and thoughts behind the wheel, providing valuable insights into the cars he tests. His ability to articulate the intricacies of a vehicle's performance and handling is highly appreciated by his audience.

In addition to his solo videos, Chris Harris occasionally collaborates with other guests, adding variety and fresh perspectives to his content. These collaborations not only bring new insights but also inject an entertaining and dynamic element into his videos.

A standout example of his content is the clip titled "Chris Harris Drives the Porsche 718 Boxster," where he showcases his signature style—entertaining, informative, and uniquely British.

Whether you're an automotive enthusiast or simply enjoy captivating and well-produced content, Chris Harris' YouTube channel is a must-watch. His videos offer a blend of entertainment and insightful analysis that will keep you hooked and give you a deeper understanding of the cars he drives.


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